Fighter Pulls Off Possibly Worst Case of Sportsmanship Ever Recorded, Gets DQ’d

One incredibly unique throw down took place on Friday. Now a video of the fight’s controversial moment has made its way onto the internet.

Mixed martial arts promotion Legacy Fighting Alliance hosted their latest event on Friday, March 23. LFA 36 featured a series of exciting match ups that have caught the attention of fight fans.

Perhaps the most bizarre moment from the fight card was a heavyweight match up between Drew Chatman and Irvins Ayala. Irvins Ayala managed to knock himself out while attempting to strike his downed opponent with a hammerfist.

Chatman was seemingly elated with the oddly granted victory. The fighter then decided to step on Ayala back while the competitor was still unconscious. From there, Chatman elected to do a front flip.

Chatman ended the maneuver by landing butt first onto his opponent, rather than landing on his feet in front of the unconscious man. After adding the insult to the injury, Chatman was disqualified for the unsportsmanlike conduct.

Check it out in the video above.

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