Got Em! Ref Goes Viral For Doing This On Live T.V. — You’re Welcome

It would appear that this referee was having a little fun when the broadcast turned the spotlight on him. Now the third man inside the cage is going viral.

Mixed martial arts is a fascinating sport, filled with fascinating moments inside the cage. This time around, fight fans are not talking about a crazy finish between two mixed martial arts warriors. Rather, it’s the subtle sleight of hand from a referee that has caught the eye of fans.

In the screen captured photo below, a referee can be seen inside the cage for a Legacy Fighting Alliance event. The exciting fight night was being broadcast on AXS TV, as the referee decided to slyly reveal a circle to the screen.

The Circle Game, also called the Finger Hole Game, is when an individual makes a circle with their hand by forming the “okay” symbol with their thumb and index finger. The objective of the game is to get another person to look at the circle.

This referee decided to make the most of his moment on camera by playing the game on an entirely different level. Check it out in the photo below:

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