Guida Officially Calls Out Nate Diaz To A UFC Fight While High

Team Alpha Male warrior and mixed martial arts veteran Clay Guida has taken to the internet to call out UFC superstar Nate Diaz for a rematch. The fighter has even suggested that Diaz get high before the fight.

Clay Guida and Nate Diaz first faced off back in 2009 at UFC 94, in which Guida earned a split decision victory over his opponent following an octagon war with the Stockton native. Now Guida has decided to call out the fighter once again.

Referencing Diaz’s advocacy for the use of cannabis, Guida suggested that Diaz get high on marijuana before they face off inside the octagon again.

As seen in the video provided, Guida said:

“Yo, what’s up 209 b*tch? We scrapped it out about nine years ago. But, maybe it was a fluke. So why don’t you say we do it one more time for the fans? Make sure you get real, real high this time, so when I spike you on your head and put you in a full Nelson like last time you won’t feel a thing.”

Check it out in the video above.

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