Insider Reveals UFC Still Planning Jon Jones 2018 Return To Action, Despite Recent Guilty Verdict

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has had a controversial career in the sport of mixed martial arts. That being said, one MMA insider believes the former title holder will be making a comeback sometime in 2018.

Jon Jones has failed multiple drug tests, had multiple run ins with the law and has been stripped of his UFC title a record setting total of three times. Most recently, the fighter had his CSAC hearing for his latest failed drug test from UFC 214.

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) elected to fine Jones the maximum total of $205,000 and revoked the fighter’s license to compete. Jones will not be able to apply for a new license until later next year.

Beyond that, the former champion has yet to have his hearing with USADA concerning the recent failed drug test. USADA could potentially punish Jones with up to a four year suspension.

With all of that in mind, notorious insider Dave Meltzer recently spoke about Jon Jones on his podcast. When it comes to matters of UFC and pro wrestling insider information, Meltzer appears to always be precise with his reports.

Speaking on his podcast Meltzer revealed that he recently spoke with a UFC employee, which explained that they are expecting Jon Jones to compete this year. Check out Meltzer’s full explanation down below:

“I just happened to be talking to somebody at the UFC the other day, and one of the things… So, we were talking about the Jon Jones thing, and the person told me they still expect Jon to fight before the end of 2018.”

“And I don’t understand how that’s even humanly possible.”

“I just wanted to bring that up, because after that thing (California disciplinary punishment) on Tuesday, I mean realistically.”

“Realistically, I don’t see anyway you can justify less than a four year suspension. I think they probably won’t suspend him for four years because he’s Jon Jones, but I can’t see see less than three [years]. And it really should be four.”

“I can’t come up with an explanation how it couldn’t be four. So anyway I just wanted to throw that out there, because they’re not approaching this like he’s going to be out a long time.”

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