Joe Rogan Calls For Judging Reform, Thinks 10 Judges Needed For Every UFC Fight

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan has come forward with his thoughts concerning judging in the sport of mixed martial arts. This time, the cage side commentator is not particularly satisfied with the current standards.

UFC 222 took place over the weekend and featured the return of controversial judge Adalaide Byrd. The judge first made headlines for scoring the Alvarez vs. Golovkin match to a draw.

UFC 222 featured a staggering total of five split decisions, bringing some to once again question the standing of Byrd’s position. Now Joe Rogan has come forward to reveal that he believes an MMA fight should not even be called by three judges.

Rogan believes there should be ten in total. A video of the conversation can be found above; check out the transcript down below:

Rogan: I also think 3 is to small, it needs to be 10 people.

Rogan: 10 People!

Schaub: That’s a lot of people

Rogan: Who Cares!

Schaub: Qualified people. That’s a real sh*t show

Rogan: Have them call in

Schaub: Call in?

Rogan: Do it all… Do it all with the internet. You don’t even have to be in the building.

Schaub: Jesus Christ, bro, 10?

Rogan: Why even have to be there?

Schaub: 10 Though?

Rogan: Yeah. 10 people.

Schaub: It’s hard enough with 3 morons.

Rogan: Yeah. There are 2 that are smart and 1 that is bad. You got a shitty split decision. And everyone feels weird about it. Like what would have happened if there were 3 morons?

Schaub: So can we say 5?

Rogan: 10!

Schaub: 10?

Rogan: 10 you’re going to get the right decision almost every time.

Schaub: That’s true.

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