Joe Rogan Just Broke Ngannou’s Hardest Punch Record — Watch It Here

The UFC’s hardest hitting man, might have been in the broadcast booth this entire time, unbeknownst to us all, as Joe Rogan has just broken Francis Ngannou’s power punch record.

In the lead up to Francis Ngannou’s world title fight against Stipe Miocic, the UFC boasted and bragged that Ngannou held the world record for the hardest human punch ever recorded.

Of course, as history shows us, that hard punch didn’t guarantee victory for the African, who was thoroughly dominated in his fight against Miocic.

Now, Joe Rogan has revealed that taking to the same test, his kick outpowers that of Ngannou’s punch. An impressive feat considering Joe Rogan is not a professional fighter.

On his podcast, Joe stated, “I think [Ngannou] got 120-something. 129, that’s so crazy! That’s what I get with a kick – with legs that carry you around all day.”

“He got 129,161 with a punch, I got 152,000 today, bitch.”

Watch Joe Rogan break the record in the video above.


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