Joey Diaz Clarifies Controversial Mackenzie Dern Comments, But He’s Not Sorry

Rising MMA star Mackenzie Dern made her UFC debut at last weekend’s UFC 222 event with a decision win in the Fox Sports 1 preliminary card headliner.

During her fight, world renowned comedian Joey Diaz sent out a controversial tweet, as did UFC veteran Vinny Magalhaes, and the internet got all up in arms about it.

Now, of course, Diaz, who is a well known comedian, will say shocking things in order to get a laugh, it’s his job. And despite the lewd nature of his comments, we didn’t expect the world to be so up in arms about it.

Joey’s original posts read:

“Mackenzie Derns asshole is going to smell tremendous after the fight”

Following the statement, former UFC fighter and ADCC champion Vinny Magalhaes offered a lewd response to Diaz.

“I bet it will also be tasty!”

Diaz then showed his approval of the fighter’s message with another statement.

“That’s why I love you Professor”

So here we are. Whether you find those comments funny, or rude, they’ve been said, and we don’t really think Diaz meant to be a target of feminism in the process. We believe he was just making a joke, and even found the shock humor funny ourselves.

Now, in a reaction to yesterday’s headlines, Joey has issued a new statement clarifying his stance on the crude one-liner.

Check it out:

I’m Husband, a Father but most importantly a man. I will say things in the heat of comedic passion that not everyone will like……out of respect to my hero’s… Bruce, Pryor, Rogan, Hicks, Burr, Kinison, Kearns, Vos……….I’ll never apologize for a joke……..

I’m trying to raise a daughter I would never mean to disrespect you or any other woman