Jon Jones Rehashes Old Cormier Diss For The Ages In New Proclamation Of Return

Fight fans new to the MMA world might not be aware of just how deep the rivalry between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier really goes. Now Jon Jones has sent out a cryptic reminder of one of his more memorable digs at Daniel Cormier, and promises his best is yet to come.

Back in the day, these two were the poster boys for UFC rivalries. If you looked up UFC rivalry in the dictionary a picture of Jon Jones and D.C. would be there.

If you watch the video above, you can see that these two both got caught off guard when cameras were rolling and mics were hot.

In it, Jon Jones started off a verbal melee with his rival by stating, “Hey pussy, are you still there?”.

Now, this infamous phrase has resurfaced on Jon’s instagram feed.

Check it out:

Awesome memories but nothing compared to what’s coming. Thanks for the cut