Jose Aldo Confirms His Head Is Back In MMA, Ready For Another Championship Run

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has had a tough run inside the octagon as of late. Having only earned a single victory in his last four fights, some fans have come to wonder what is next for the former title holder’s fighting future.

Aldo suffered a title ending knockout loss to Conor McGregor back in 2015 that would become one of the UFC’s most discussed fight finishes. Aldo earned back the belt after McGregor’s was stripped of the title for his historical earning of the UFC lightweight belt.

However, Aldo would go on to lose the title to now reigning champion Max Holloway. Facing off against the champion in a rematch at UFC 218, Adlo suffered a consecutive TKO loss to the fighter.

That being said, “Scarface” has come forward to reveal that he still has his eyes on the title. Speaking on Brazil’s “Giro Combate” show, Aldo broke down his thoughts on the future.

“As soon as the contract ends, I’ll decide whether we go to boxing or stay in MMA. But my dream, right now, is to get the title back. That’s what I’m focused on. That’s what I’m talking to (head coach Dede Pederneiras) about.

“That’s what I told my coaches that I want. That’s why I’m training again and keeping everyone motivated. I know I have a chance, I have the skill, and I want to win (the title) again.”

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