Josh Barnett Reacts to Being First Fighter To Beat USADA

UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett suffered a failed drug test back in 2016. Under the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the fighter was set to face up to a four-year suspension for the incident. However, Barnett has since received a different sentence for the matter.

Barnett recently had the arbitration for his drug test failure with USADA. During the meeting, it was decided that Barnett would not face a suspension as the substance entered his system through a contaminated substance. Rather, Barnett simply suffered a “public reprimand.”

Barnett is the first and only UFC fighter to ever challenge USADA on a failed drug test and come out without a suspension. Check out Barnett’s reaction to the incident down below:

“I proved my innocence as I stated from the beginning and now I can look towards getting back in the ring in the neat future.

“The time I lost though can never be regained. It should not havr had to come to all of this.

“Ever onwards…”

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