Max Holloway Accuses Conor McGregor Of On-Line Bullying Him

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway and MMA megastar Conor McGregor have been going at it over social media as of late. Now Holloway has come forward to accuse “Notorious” of bullying him over the internet.

Much of it started when Max Holloway offered a few comforting words to Frankie Edgar following his knockout loss to Brian Ortega.

“You had nothing to gain from taking that fight @FrankieEdgar. But you took it you defended what you already earned. There’s no belt for sacrificing everything but true fans and Jersey knows no belt can outshine what you bring to the sport. Chin up bratha”

Seeing the tweet, Conor McGregor decided to react with a heated message to Holloway. Stating, “Kid, you bounced. Leave it.”

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Max Holloway has decided to let his thoughts on the matter be known.

“He’s been taking shots at me. Go tell all his fans, tell the whole world that he’s been taking shots at me. Then the one time he throws an underhand pitch – that’s a juicy ball, that chicken thing – no one was going to take it up? You’re crazy if you think ‘Blessed’ is going to let that slide. Your boy is going to slide in and let you know.

“This guy’s been picking on me. It’s like the school ground when you’re at school. If you ever get bullied, when you get sick of it, you turn around and you punch the bully in the face, and they don’t say anything. That’s what happened. It’s all right. I could not let that slide. I was giving a chance to everyone. No one was doing it, so ‘Blessed’ was going in.”

“He can tweet me, Conor can tweet me, and no one gives him (expletive). Then I hit him back, and people are like, ‘You’re begging for a super fight.’ He’s tweeting me! What the hell? But people are always going to choose their sides. I wasn’t asking for a super fight. I got a loss. I’ve got three losses, and I want them all back. Right now we just got the division somewhat rolling. We’ve brought clarity to the division. I’ve got a belt to defend. I’ve got a championship to show the world.

“I’ve got a throne to sit on and defend and show the world I’m the one. When I get pushed to 155 (pounds), we’ll see what happens. But for now my focus is on 145. I definitely think of 155 fights, but until I’m forced up there or the UFC tells me they want me up there, I’ll go. But right now it’s about keeping the 145-pound weight class in check and keep everything rolling and keep everything smooth.”

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