UFC Champ Kicks Up Beef With Mayweather Protege Gervonta Davis Following, Davis To UFC Remarks

It would appear that pugilist phenom Gervonta Davis is now looking to enter the octagon. With that in mind, the fighter has already received a critical response to the statement from a UFC champion.

Gervonta Davis has put on an illustrious career in the sport of boxing. A former IBF junior lightweight champion, Davis has been taken under the wing of retired and undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. under Mayweather Promotions.

That being said, Davis recently took to Twitter to reveal that he is interested in making an appearance inside the octagon.

“I think I want to fight in the UFC,” Davis stated.

The pugilist later responded to a question of which weight class would he be interested in competing in. “Any one ill beat all y’all ass,” the boxer stated.

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has since fired back with a critical response to the boxer’s recent message. Holloway said, “you can become a comedian too.”

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