Mike Tyson Punched Fabricio Werdum In The Face, Nearly Broke His Nose

As the UFC, and MMA in general, becomes more and more mainstream, fighters and major public figures are becoming more and more intertwined.

In the case of former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, he learned that Mike Tyson’s punching power is no laughing matter, admitting that while the two were filming a fight scene, Tyson nearly dropped him, and nearly broke his nose too.

Check it out:

“It’s amazing. Mike Tyson punched my nose, too, an accident, but he punched me and almost he broke my nose. Because I’m an actor, he’s no actor too, but he’s good, he’s a funny guy, he’s a very nice guy, but he punch very hard.”

“It almost knocked down me, but it’s good. I feel good because it’s Mike Tyson, no other guy. Maybe other guy, I don’t feel good if they punch my face, but Mike Tyson’s OK.”

Here’s the full interview from Werdum: