New Mike Tyson vs. Steven Seagal Fight Scene Released

A video of pugilist legend Mike Tyson and action film star Steven Seagal going to war in an intense fight scene is now making its way around the internet.

Mike Tyson made a career out of his ferocity inside the squared circle. The heavyweight boxer went on to become one of the most dangerous champions in boxing history. While Tyson only recently shifted his career to the big screen, Steven Seagal is already an action film legend.

Steven Seagal is of course not just a film star. The martial artist is a 7th don black belt in Aikido.

Tyson and Seagal recently found themselves on the same set, as the two action heroes were featured in the 2017 film China Salesman. Now a fight scene from the exciting movie has made its way onto the internet.

Watch Tyson and Seagal throw down within the video above.

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