MMA Community Outraged After Bad Referee Allows Fighter To Wake Up And Keep Fighting — Replay

Mixed martial artist Cade Dement competed inside the cage on Friday, March 16. While the fighter suffered a difficult defeat, the fight’s outcome has since come under some serious controversy.

Dement faced off against Jeniece Gamez at AKA Rite of Passage 3 on Friday, putting on an intense performance for the local fight fans. Dement managed to sink in a triangle choke submission attempt on her opponent, from which Gamez was simply incapable of escaping.

Dement continued to apply force until her opponent had gone unconscious. With the referee having not called a stop to the contest, Dement attempted to get the referee’s attention before letting go of the submission out of concern for her opponent’s health.

Gamez returned to consciousness after the choke was released and immediately began striking her opponent. The fighter was allowed to continue.

Check out the controversial moment in the video above.

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