Does MMA Work In Prison? Schaub Breaks It Down

Brendan Schaub is a man of many talents. A former professional fighter, Schaub made his way onto the roster of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) through the hit television series The Ultimate Fighter.

After hanging up his gloves, Schaub would go on to become a successful podcaster and comedian. Now the former UFC heavyweight has come forward to give his thoughts on the application of mixed martial arts in prison.

Speaking on his podcast The Fighter and The Kid, Schaub gave his thoughts on staying inside a jail for a single night.

“We are going to be up all night, because I don’t want any d**ks in my mouth.” The former fighter stated. “I’m not doing sh*t about it when there is a shank at my neck.”

It would appear that the former UFC heavyweight would not be looking to apply his honed mixed martial arts skills in a threatening environment within prison. Check out Schaub’s full thoughts in the video below:

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