New Photo Emerges Of A Ripped 60 Year Old Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer has made a name for himself as the “veteran voice of the octagon.” While Buffer may have never stepped inside the octagon to compete, a recently released photo shows that is hardly stopping the 60-year-old announcer from getting in top shape.

Buffer has called countless UFC event through the years, always offering his charisma and bombastic voice to the crowd in announcement of each match up. The UFC veteran’s position may not require the peak level of physical fitness demanded of each MMA fighter, but the announcer still enjoys keeping himself healthy.

Taking to Instagram, the veteran announcer has since revealed a photo of himself hitting the gym and looking larger than ever. Check it out below:

“Back today from London & right into the gym this morning for a non-stop shoulder, arm & cardio session to get my blood flowing & mental energies moving strong, because now #ITSTIME for a productive & positive week!”

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