O’Malley Breaks His Silence On Fighting The Dumbest Guy In The UFC

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley put on a victorious performance in his latest match up. Facing off against Andre Soukhamthath, the fighter managed to earn a unanimous decision victory after suffering a brutal leg injury during the match.

Sean O’Malley and Andre Soukhamthath went to war inside the octagon at UFC 222. O’Malley seemed to be getting the better of his opponent in the striking game for much of the fight.

However, O’Malley suffered a brutal leg injury in the final round that seemingly left the fighter unable to stand on his own. Rather than keep things on the feet, Soukhamthath elected to take his opponent down.

O’Malley managed to survive the round from the canvas and earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. Soukhamthath has since received heavy criticism for his decision to take his opponent down when O’Malley was having issues standing.

Speaking to UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, O’Malley offered his thoughts on the matter.

“That was very stupid of him. But in his defense, I still probably would have knocked him out hopping around on one foot. He was not on my level skill wise. Even on one foot, he was hurt. I hit him in the body a ton.

“I was kicking him to his body. I was way out of range. I was just hurting him. I was scaring him. I was too fast. I was hitting him and he wasn’t seeing it.

“So I think even on one leg, with two and a half minutes left, I would have been fine. I think he would have shot anyway, because of what we were doing.”

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