Paige VanZant Speaks Out On All Her Fans Hating On Her Fiance

Women’s UFC flyweight Paige VanZant has garnered a massive following of fight fans during her career within the sport of mixed martial arts. Now it would appear that her fan base is not too happy that she recently got engaged.

“12 Gauge” has put on an illustrious career as a fighter, taking on tough and talented competitors within the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion. Now VanZant is healing up from a recently broken arm and getting ready to get back into the full swing of her training.

The fighting phenom recently got engaged to boyfriend and fellow MMA fighter Austin “AK-47” Vanderford. Speaking to media, VanZant has now revealed that the reaction from her dedicated following of fans was not all positive towards her new fiance.

When asked if any of her fans have attempted to talk her out of the engagement yet, VanZant responded “Yeah, I would definitely say that.”

“My poor fiance.” She continued. “Everyone hates him a tiny bit. But, he’s an awesome fighter. I can’t wait for him to make his run in the UFC. It’s going to come very, very soon.”

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