Police Officer Displays MMA Knowledge In Viral Arrest Video

The age of the internet has brought on countless radical changes. Among them, people are often unaware that they may be under a higher level of accountability that initially expected.

In the video above, a police officer can be seen aggressively beating a suspect. The police officer was seemingly unaware that he was being recorded on video all the while.

The officer can be seen pulling over a vehicle. Once the driver parked beside the nearby road, the officer exited his vehicle and began screaming expletives at the driver.

The officer repeatedly screamed, “Get the f**k out of the car.” The policeman then opened the driver’s door and pointed his firearm at the individual.

Holstering his weapon, the officer then began beating the driver with brutal knees. Rather than using conventional police tactics, the officer appeared to be versed in mixed martial arts. Eventually, the driver was pulled from his vehicle and slammed into the road.

The officer seemingly pressed his full weight into the driver’s head before handcuffing him. Check it out in the video above.

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