Raging Al Iaquinta Blasts ‘The Dumbest UFC Fighter He’s Ever Seen’ Over Bad UFC 222 Strategy

UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta has decided to come forward with a heated message concerning Andre Soukhamthath’s recent loss to Sean O’Malley.

Sean O’Malley faced off against Andre Soukhamthath at UFC 222 over the weekend. O’Malley appeared to be getting the better of his opponent in the stand up, before suffering a debilitating leg injury in the final round.

The fighter was seemingly unable to stand due to the pain, yet Soukhamthath elected to take the fight to the canvas. From there, O’Malley managed to survive the final round and ultimately earn a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

Soukhamthath decision to take the fighter to the ground has since come under some criticism from fighters. Taking to Twitter, Iaquinta has decided to voice his opinion on the matter.

The fighter stated:

“You blew it soukamtoghhhdbshbssj”

Iaquinta later returned to Twitter to state:

“That guy is the dumbest fighter I’ve ever seen, he actually thought he won”

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