Rare Childhood Photo Of Michael Bisping Emerges, And It’s Frickin Epic

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has had an astounding martial arts career.

After winning the Ultimate Fighter season 2, and remaining unbeaten in his career for several years, Bisping finally realized his dream by becoming the first British UFC champion in history, when he knocked out Luke Rockhold.

Now, Bisping shares an epic photo from many years ago, that highlights his martial arts journey.

Check it out:

This picture of my brother @konradbisping and I popped up on a Facebook page which shows old photos from my home town of Clitheroe. This was a pic in the local paper after I won the British Sport Jujitsu championships and my bro got the silver medal in his division.

Japanese sport jujitsu was pretty much Mma. Striking with fingerless gloves, takedowns and submissions. No striking on the ground though. I Won the final with a hip throw (O Goshi) to arm bar. That trophy was my prized possession for years until it fell apart haha.

Hope you’re well Konrad!