Rockhold’s Had Enough, Calls For Bisping To Accept Fight Or Retire

The UFC’s resident Ralph Lauren model Luke Rockhold has been engaging in a war of words with his career rival in Michael Bisping, ever since he lost his last fight against Yoel Romero.

The two former UFC middleweight champions are 1-1 against each other, and Rockhold wants to settle their rivalry with a good ole fashioned trilogy bout.

Bisping though, has been back and forth on the idea. Sometimes stating he’ll take the fight, while other times saying he may never fight again.

Rockhold just hit twitter and called for Bisping to accept the fight or retire and move on.

Check it out:

@bisping It’s simple. If you’re going to run your mouth stand your ground like a man. The @ufc wants the trilogy, the fans want it and you… it certainly sounded like it before but where are you now? Sign up or shut up and check out.