Romero Reveals The Secret Supplement Thats Helped His Athletic Career Surpass 40 Years Old

UFC middleweight Yoel Romero is nearing his 41st birthday. With that in mind, the tough division contender is now set to fight for the UFC middleweight title. In a new interview, the mixed martial arts phenom offered some backstory on the supplement that aided him for much of his career.

Yoel Romero suffered a failed out-of-competition drug test back in 2016. While the fighter was able to work out a deal to have the suspension greatly reduced on the basis of the banned substance having allegedly entered his system through contaminated supplements, Romero has still come under heavy criticism for being a potential user of performance enhancing drugs.

Speaking to longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan on the JRE MMA Show podcast, Romero revealed that he has not experienced cases of PED usage back home. Rather, the fighter revealed that the supplement often ingested by fighters from his home country is simply sugar water.

“You know what the people take after the training?” Romero gestured.
“Water with sugar.” The fighter revealed.

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