Roy Nelson Breaks The Bro Code, Exposes Mitrione For Cheating On His Wife

Bellator heavyweights Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson have entered a heated rivalry as of late. Now “Big Country” has come forward with a shocking statement concerning the fighter.

Matt Mitrione and Roy Nelson first faced off back inside the octagon in 2012, with “Big Country” earning a first round TKO finish over his opponent. Once under the Bellator MMA banner, the two mixed martial arts warriors threw down in a rematch at Bellator 194.

This time around, Mitrione earned a majority decision victory over his opponent. Following the fight, Mitrione accused his opponent of using dirty tactics inside the cage. The heavyweight referred to Nelson’s alleged illegal use of the cage to maintain ground control in the final round of their fight, which Nelson nearly turned into a dominant round for himself.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Roy Nelson now has a few words on the subject of his rival. The fighter even claims that Mitrione is cheating on his significant other.

“Matt’s a guy that’s always the pot calling the kettle black. I think he’s still upset because he’s cheating on his wife and stuff. That’s all I heard that whole week – was him cheating on his wife. So I think he has a lot of guilt, and he’s got to take his rage out somewhere. But there’s no cheating on my end. I think he’s just upset because in his heart he didn’t really feel like he won. He wasn’t the best fighter that night.”

As far as if Nelson would have liked his fight against Mitrione to have gone differently, Nelson responded:

“I want Round 4, so we can go ahead and do that again. The worst-case scenario is we should’ve went to a fourth round. That was worst case scenario. (Referee) Dan (Miragliotta) was going to call the fight like three times. I got it in my head because I started having an argument with Dan about how Matt’s not moving and he couldn’t get out. He took a lot of unanswered shots.”

“My goal is to beat up Cro Cop and then hopefully beat up Matt again and then get back in the tournament. I don’t know what I want more – the tournament or Matt. They’re both good. There’s Cro Cop, and there’s also (Quinton Jackson), who didn’t want to fight. There are so many people that I actually want to fight now.”

Roy Nelson is set to face off against Mirko Cro Cop at Bellator 200. The event will take place May 25 inside the SSE Arena in London, England.

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