Schaub’s Not Sorry, Finally Responds To Yves Edwards Over Racial Comments

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has been getting some heat as of late for a racially charged comment concerning the panel of UFC Tonight. Panel member Yves Edwards would go on to criticize Schaub for his statement. With that in mind, the former heavyweight fighter has now come forward with a response.

Schaub struck some controversy when he described the panel for UFC Tonight as being chosen for the broadcast due to their race.

“Sometimes you are looking at UFC tonight and you’re like ‘Is that the best panel possible or are you just trying to check off the boxes?’” Schaub said. “We get it, UFC Tonight on FOX. You’re not racist. We get it. You have an all black panel.

“Are those the best brains and speakers for the art, to the general audience?”

The night’s panel included Yves Edwards, Karyn Bryant and Tyron Woodley. Yves Edwards would go on to dish out some heated criticism to Schaub for his remarks.

Now Schaub has come forward to give his thoughts on the matter. Speaking with Luke Thomas, as seen in the video below, the former heavyweight fighter attempted to clear the air, though Schaub did not apologize.

“When I made the comment about UFC Tonight and the panel, it came off wrong. They are like, ‘Scaub’s racist.’ I’m like, ‘no, not in the least.’

“It’s a blip on the radar. It’s UFC Tonight. I love all those guys. They’re great. I watch the show. I talked to D.C. the day that all happened. I’m close with D.C.

“I meant no ill regard towards any of them. I talked to Karyn Bryant. I talked to Yves Edwards, Woodley… they are all my friends. I think someone was upset on there.

I think Yves was upset, because it was something he sees in himself. So when I made that comment about him in particular, he lashed out.”

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