Smith Confirms He’ll Be Rocking a Goatee at UFC 223 For Evil Joe Rogan Look

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has made some changes to the highly talented commentating team since the promotion’s acquisition by Endeavor, formerly known as WME-IMG. Now Jimmy Smith has come forward to reveal that he is planning something rather unique for his next position cage side for the UFC.

One thing that has never changed is that longtime commentator Joe Rogan remains the veteran voice cage side for the UFC’s most highly anticipated events. However Mike Goldberg, longtime color-commentating partner to Rogan, was let go by the UFC after the promotion was sold to Endeavor.

A few new commentators have entered the equation since then. Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith has since made the transition to the UFC. Now MMA journalist Damon Martin has reported that Jimmy Smith plans to have a goatee for his broadcast position alongside Joe Rogan at the highly anticipated fight card of UFC 223. The decision was made in an effort to make the broadcast team Joe Rogan and “evil Joe Rogan.”

Smith and Rogan have often been compared as the voices of their respective MMA promotions. Now both speaking for the UFC, fight fans will have something new and interesting to look for come UFC 223.

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