A Star Is Born In Brian Ortega, And He Says He Simply “Caught Frankie Slippin”

Undefeated mixed martial arts phenom Brian Ortega shocked the world on Saturday night. Now the fighter has come forward to offer his thoughts on the stunning performance.

Brian Ortega took a late notice fight against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. The two MMA warriors threw down for the event’s co-headliner on Saturday night, March 3.

Edgar had never been finished in his UFC career, when Ortega managed to knock “The Answer” out within the first round of their octagon battle. Speaking to UFC correspondent Megan Oliviv after the fight, Ortega explained that he simply caught Edgar “slipping.”

“I look for the kill all the time. I’m happy he was pressing forward, that we were both banging it out, and I caught him slippin’.

“I felt a couple punches land, maybe like two overhand rights, and the crowd was like going “ahhhh!” and I was like, is this all he has? Not disrespecting his power, but when’s the shocker gonna come in? It didn’t come in, so I was like, I’m gonna press forward, I’m not feelin’ the damage right now… and I did.”

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