Stipe Miocic Does Not Fear The Return Of Brock Lesnar

Though Stipe Miocic does appear to have his hands full at the moment, as he readies for a champion vs champion fight against Daniel Cormier, the thought of a Brock Lesnar vs. Miocic fight is on the forefront of potential next steps for the UFC’s heavyweight champion.

That’s due in part because UFC president Dana White insists that Lesnar’s UFC return is likely to take place this year. Even rumors from the WWE world suggest that the pro-wrestling promotion is readying to demote Brock Lesnar now that he’s at the end of his contract, and likely headed back to MMA.

Now, in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Miocic discusses going up against Brock, and he’s not scared.

Check it:

“Brock is a former champ and he knows how to bring it. He’s tough, he’s very strong and beaten a lot of good guys, but I am a bad match-up for him.”

“I match up well with anyone, That has a lot to do with my coaches, teammates, and my training. I always have a good game plan walking in on the day of a fight. With Brock, I’d win, there’s no question. But right now, all I care about is fighting DC. That’s all I’m worried about.”