“Suga” Sean O’Malley Responds To Nate Diaz Dissing Him After UFC 222

Former Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series star Sean O’Malley received some criticism from UFC superstar Nate Diaz following his octagon performance at UFC 222. Now O’Malley has fired back with a statement of his own.

Sean O’Malley faced off against Andre Soukhamthath on the highly anticipated fight card of UFC 222 over the weekend. The fighter was seemingly putting on a dominant performance over his opponent, before suffering a debilitating injury to his leg.

With it being the final round, Soukhamthath elected to take his opponent to the canvas for the rest of the fight. The decision allowed O’Malley a chance to survive until the sound of the bell.

With the fight going the distance, O’Malley ultimately earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. That being said, the fighter’s leg was injured harshly enough for O’Malley to be unable to walk out of the cage on his own.

Responding to the judges’ decision, Nate Diaz took to Twitter to let his thoughts be known.

“How u win if u can’t walk out the cage ? Smh”

Speaking on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, Sean O’Malley has since come forward with a response.

“I just pictured Nate sitting behind his phone pissed off, tweeting that at me. I don’t know. It’s funny. I don’t know where the hate comes from, but I could care less one way or the other.”

“I was [surprised] too. But it’s all funny, it’s fine.”

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