All The Times Ariel Helwani Has Infuriated Dana White — You’re Welcome

UFC President Dana White and mixed martial arts reporter Ariel Helwani have not had the best of relationships through the years. Now fight fans can see a montage of all the times Helwani and White verbally sparred in front of a camera.

Ariel Helwani and Dana White have had a rough history. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stripped Helwani of his credentials and banned the reporter from ever attending a UFC event again after the reporter let loos that Brock Lesnar was making an octagon return at UFC 200, just hours before the UFC had planned to make an official announcement.

The UFC would go on to reinstate Helwani’s ability to attend UFC events, following massive fallout by the incident. Still, things have not been on the best of terms between Helwani and the UFC head.

Check out the video above to see all of the times, Helwani and Dana White went at it on camera.

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