Two Men Wanted After Forcing Man To Fight While Holding His Baby

It would would appear that a physical altercation recently took place between a group of men and an individual holding their child. Now the incident has been caught on camera for all to see.

In the video above, a verbal altercation can be seen taking place inside a restaurant. One man can be seen holding his child while entering the heated debate with two other men.

After things got heated, one of the men elected to strike his adversary in the face. Seemingly not willing to hold back his frustrations in the presence of the child, the man punched his opponent in the face only barely missing the child in his opponent’s arms.

From their a group of bystanders attempted to calm the situation, but another man began to strike the individual as well. The baby was eventually pulled from the man’s arm, as he was beaten down by the two assaulting individuals.

Check it out in the video above.

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