Two UFC Champions Are Trying To Make The Shift To The WWE, Following Ronda Rousey’s Success

On the heels of Ronda Rousey’s recent success as a WWE superstar, two former UFC heavyweight champions reveal that they both have ambition to enter the world of professional wrestling with the same promoter.

Cain Velasquez was first to state his case after attending Ronda Rousey’s Las Vegas debut. The former UFC champion took to twitter and called out Brock Lesnar.

First @WWE event! I could feel at home here! @brocklesnar, I wouldn’t mind taking another belt from you.

Then, Cain’s teammate Daniel Cormier nixed his remarks, but Can reiterated his talks to head to the WWE in response.

Never say never @dc_mma. I’m down to take @brocklesnar in the @WWE anytime, anywhere.

And in his latest post, Cain stated,

Thanks to @rondarousey and @travisbrownemma for the shirt. My daughter will love it until I get my own “El Toro” @WWE shirt. Got my chair too. Gonna practice hitting people with it at the gym. #WrestleMania #LuchaLibre #ElToro #WWE

And now Cain is not alone.

The man to dethrone Cain’s title reign, Fabricio Werdum is also interested in a shift to the WWE, even stating he has meetings lined up with the world’s leader in professional wrestling.

In an interview with, Werdum stated, ”I’ll have this meeting Thursday in San Diego to see if something happens with WWE. It’s cool, a unique opportunity to do a few fights there as well. People think it’s easy, but it’s not. You have to be well trained to do those jumps, you have to be agile. It’s not easy as some people might think. It’s quite complicated. You have to be well trained and practice a lot to captivate the audience.”

”I’m fluent in Spanish, so I can do a character that speaks Spanish. That would be cool. I’d really like to have this opportunity to do this and captivate the Latin audience because they really love WWE. I’d be thrilled to do a fight there, or more, or a contract, because there’s no problem with the UFC since it’s not a real fight, it’s more of a show.”

The WWE is currently beating the UFC in star power, and easily defeating the MMA promotion in T.V. ratings too.

Could they be about to take the last of their star power also?