UFC Fighter Gets Trolled Off Instagram, Tired Of MMA’s Hating Fans

UFC bantamweight Andre Soukhamthath suffered a tough loss at UFC 222. However, the fighter’s battles did not end there. Following a series of heated remarks from fight fans concerning his recent octagon performance, the fighter has now decided to step away from Instagram.

Andre Soukhamthath faced off against Sean O’Malley at UFC 222. The two mixed martial arts warriors ultimately went the distance, with O’Malley earning a unanimous decision victory over his opponent.

That being said, many fight fans have come to criticize Soukhamthath for his performance in the fight’s final round. O’Malley appeared to be getting the better of his opponent in the stand up, before seriously injuring his leg in the final round.

O’Malley was seemingly unable to stand under the pain of the injury. Rather than keep things on the feet, likely leading to the referee calling a stop to the contest in Soukhamthath’s favor, Soukhamthath elected to take the fighter to the ground.

From the canvas, O’Malley was able to survive the round and earn the decision win. Taking to Instagram, Soukhamthath has since revealed that the degree of criticism he has received from fight fans has led to him leaving Instagram momentarily.

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