War Machine’s GoFundMe For Legal Costs Flops, Only Gets $5.00 In Contributions

Last Monday a campaign to help UFC veteran War Machine with his legal costs was launched on the popular crowd funding site, GoFundMe.

However, despite his public persona, the world seems unsympathetic for War Machine’s cry for help.

The campaign is trying to raise $60,000.00 for a new legal team to try and get a more lenient sentence for the embattled MMA fighter, but so far they’ve only been able to raise $5.00.

War Machine was sentenced to life in prison after he nearly beat his ex-girlfriend, porn star Christy Mack, to death when he caught her in bed with another man.

War Machine beat her, and the other man, and after a nationwide manhunt ensued as the fighter went on the run in an attempt to evade authorities.

The GofundMe’s message to fight fans is as follows:

Jon deserves the proper representation he deserves and without a strong defense team this is impossible for him to achieve. Please help Jon raise the funds for a strong defense team so he can see the outside world again. He has changed in tremendous ways and doesn’t deserve this life sentence they’ve thrown at him. He is a beautiful person inside and out and has opened his heart to God. He has spent his years incarcerated looking for opportunities to use his life experiences, successes and shortfalls to inspire change in fellow inmates and create deep bonds with his pen pals.

Before Jon was “War Machine” he was Jonathan Koppenhaver. Just an everyday guy with extraordinary charisma.

With a rough life as a young kid and man he followed his own past to escape the troubles at home. Unfortunately when the road divided and left with a choice he went left instead of right. Nobody could hate war machine, the empty man before August 8th more than the man himself. Off all his meds, camera’s no longer flashing, longtime friends lost, and left with nothing more than his own demons Jon has been forced to self reflect.

He started at a cement cell floor bottom and began to find his way back to the road that he led himself to destruction. Not everything about Jon has changed. His dimpled smile, stubborn ideas, charisma, and deep love for those close to him he has learned to build on.

He has a deep desire to impact everyone who reaches out to him, and show them God’s grace, love and forgiveness.

Jon inspires me everyday to better myself and have a deep love for God, his changes are amazing.