Watch Rashad Evans Lose It, After His Teammate Makes Worst Mistake In UFC History

Bantamweight Andre Soukhamthath suffered a tough loss over the weekend. Now teammate Rashad Evans has come forward with an energetic response to the defeat.

Andre Soukhamthath faced off against Sean O’Malley on Saturday night, March 3, at UFC 222. O’Malley was seemingly dishing out some precise strikes early in the fight, until the competitor damaged his own leg.

Landing a kick on Soukhamthath, O’Malley winced in pain as his leg buckled. Rather than keep things on the feet, Soukhamthath elected to take his opponent to the canvas.

The decision to leave things on the mat, offered O’Malley a chance to survive the rest of the fight. It was the final round.

In the end, the fight went the distance and O’Malley earned a unanimous decision victory over his opponent. Speaking with the rest of the UFC on FOX crew after the fight, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans offered a response to Soukhamthath’s decision to leave things on the canvas.

Check it out in the video above.

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