Watch This Small MMA Fighter Tap Out Boxing’s 400 Pound Butterbean With Ease

The sport of mixed martial arts has hosted some intensely unique match ups over the years. However, this match up may hold a particularly unique spot in MMA history.

In the video above, Eric Esch, better known by his fighting moniker “Butterbean” can be seen taking on Japan’s Genki Sudo. Genki Sudo is a lightweight mixed martial artist, so the fighter entered the ring at a modest 155 pounds.

“Butterbean,” on the other hand, is a super heavyweight that hit the ring at a solid 400 pounds. The two mixed martial arts warriors clashed in an exciting battle that ultimately ended in Sudo’s favor.

Sudo managed to get his much larger opponent to the ground. From there, the fighter sank in a heel hook that ultimately led to a second round submission victory.

Check it out in the video above.

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