Werdum Reveals He Kept The Boomerang He Hit Colby Covington With

Former UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum has come forward to reveal that he still has the boomerang used to assault fellow UFC fighter Colby Covington.

Colby Covington first drew controversy when he referred to Brazil as a “dump” and Brazilians as “filthy animals” at UFC Sao Paulo back in 2017. Shortly after, Brazilian native Fabricio Werdum crossed paths with the fighter in Australia.

Werdum was recently gifted a boomerang by a fight fan and was not happy with Covington for his statements. The former UFC heavyweight champion then struck Covington with the boomerang, leading to Covington pressing charges for assault.

Speaking to MMA Junkie, Werdum revealed that he still has the same boomerang.

“I have the boomerang in my home. I bought a new house in Palos Verdes (California). I have five rooms, but I have just one room for my stuff – my pictures, my belt. … Gloves, decorations, a lot of different things I have in my room. And I put the boomerang there. I have the real boomerang.”

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