The World’s Cockiest Fighter Just Got Knocked Out In 9 Seconds Flat

Mixed martial arts can be an unforgiving sport for those that do not enter the cage prepared. For this perhaps overly cocky fighter, that was about to become a lesson hard learned.

In the video above, two mixed martial arts warriors can be seen entering the cage for a battle of skill. Jason Solomon was under the spotlight for the event, as a fighter that has gained a reputation for his confidence inside the cage.

The fighter offered the local crowd a bombastic walkout routine, before lurching onto the open cage door and swinging his way onto the canvas. While the fighter offered the fans a lot of flash, Solomon ultimately suffered a swift defeat.

The fighter’s opponent present a no nonsense approach, simply awaiting the sound of the bell for the match to begin. Solomon lurched forward with a combination that was abrupt stopped short by a bomb of a right hand.

Solomon went down to the canvas. The referee having seen enough, called a stop to the contest. Check it out within the video above.

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