Breaking: Anthony Pettis Agrees To Fight Khabib On 24-Hours Notice, Saves UFC 223 Lightweight Title Fight

It’s been a crazy week for fight fans.

After losing the scheduled UFC 223 main event due to a Tony Ferguson injury, we were promised a compelling replacement in the form of Max Holloway vs. Khabib.

Holloway was then ruled medically unfit to compete on the morning of weigh-ins, and was pulled from the bout.

Due to Conor McGregor’s attack at UFC 223 media day, Michael Chiesa was pulled from his scheduled fight with injuries.

This left Anthony Pettis without a fight, and on the sidelines.

As luck would have it, Pettis decided to step up as soon as news broke that Max Holloway was out of Saturday’s main event.

The former UFC lightweight champion has agreed to face Khabib on just 24-hours notice.

All that’s left is for Pettis to make championship weight at 155 pounds on the dot or less. At the time of the announcement he had 55 minutes to do so.

As of the time of this report, Pettis has yet to hit the scales.