Breaking: Brock Lesnar No Longer Heading Back To UFC, Has Re-Signed With The WWE Instead

Unfortunately for the UFC, it appears as if the WWE has retained the services of Brock Lesnar, following last night’s Wrestlemania event.

UFC President Dana White confidently told reporters last week, in New York, that Brock Lesnar is 100% coming back to the UFC.

But, now that seems like a bad call by the UFC boss, because without getting the WWE’s blessing to take Brock on loan, it’s probably not going to happen.

Brock Lesnar was recently rumored to be ending his WWE deal, with full intentions of taking two UFC fights before retiring from the spotlight for good.

The former UFC heavyweight champion was expected to lose Sunday’s Wrestlemania main event to Roman Reigns due to his return to the UFC.

Those rumors, as well as Dana White’s confident statements were wrong. Lesnar won his match, and re-signed with the pro wrestling promoter.

It has long been assumed that Brock Lesnar plays the UFC and WWE against each other, as a negotiating practice.

The Assistant Managing Editor at CBS sports broke the news on twitter Monday afternoon:

Breaking: Brock Lesnar has spurned UFC and re-signed with WWE.