Brock Lesnar Involved In Real Backstage Fight With Vince McMahon, Following Wrestlemania Win

Former UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE after being dished out a year-long suspension for his failed drug test from UFC 200. While the former UFC title holder was expected to lose his belt at the latest WrestleMania, the WWE star took out Roman Reigns to defend his title. Now it would appear that the professional wrestler has had a confrontation with WWE head Vince McMahon.

WrestleMania 34 went down on Sunday, April 8, offering fans a stunning pay-per-view performance. Lesnar faced off against Reigns in an epic match up, ultimately defending his title. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has revealed that Lesnar had a run in with Vince McMahon after the show.

“He threw the belt against the wall at Vince McMahon. He was unhappy. The reasons he was happy, I don’t know what they were, but he was. And Shane McMahon jumped in and kinda wanted to – I don’t know whether he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar, but he acted like he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar, and Brock and (Paul) Heyman left the building. That was it, nothing happened past that. There were some words exchanged, there was a scene.”

“The words and the belt throw, for all we know this could all be part of a work, but the people who were there didn’t think it was a work. But they also know they were all worked on the finish.”

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