Cerrone On Gun Control: ‘Come And Try…’

UFC welterweight and mixed martial arts veteran Donald Cerrone has come forward with a statement concerning the gun control debate. Quoting a lyric of country star Johny Lee, Cerrone quickly makes his stance on the matter clear.

Following the reported cases of gun violence over the past years, discourse concerning gun control laws has quickly taken the forefront. Making a statement over Instagram, Cerrone has decided to quote the chorus of Johny Lee’s “Bullets First” in order to express his interest in retaining his firearms.

Check it out below:

“So if you’re coming for my guns come and get ‘em son
Come on take ‘em if you think you can
I will be waiting for you at my front door
When you step foot on my land
You have to pry ‘em out from my cold dead hands
Roll me away in a hurst
If you’re coming for my guns come and get ‘em son
I’ll give to you bullets first”

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