Conor McGregor Nearly Breaks Rose Namajunas’ Hand, Puts Joanna Rematch In Jeopardy

In an incident involving Conor McGregor at today’s UFC 223 media day event, UFC President Dana White has revealed that his strawweight champion Rose Namajunas didn’t leave the bus unscathed.

Instead, multiple reports have indicated that “Thug” Rose was so shaken up by the events that took place, and that she almost pulled out of Saturday’s UFC 223 fight card.

You add a weakened mental state with an alleged hand that was nearly broken during McGregor’s bus attack stunt, and it was uncertain many insiders thought that “Thug” Rose was out of the fight.

UFC President Dana White told the media, that when Conor McGregor broke the window out of the UFC’s buss with a dolly, that he hit Rose Namajunas in the hand, nearly breaking it. The UFC boss said that he had a long talk with Rose, and several indicators reveal that she is now feeling better.

It does appear that Namajunas has decided to remain on the card, despite feeling the effects of today’s incident both emotionally and physically.

The blowback from McGregor’s stunt is real, he has now hospitalized one UFC 223 contestant, got his teammates fight pulled from the event, his media company’s credentials were also pulled by Dana White personally, and now this!