Deontay Wilder Says He Wants To Murder A Man In The Ring

WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has amassed a stunning professional record of 40-0. Undefeated, Wilder has earned a knockout victory in 39 of his 40 fights. Now the boxer is making headlines for a recent controversial statement concerning his knockout power.

Speaking on the Breakfast Club radio show, Wilder admitted that he wants to kill an opponent inside the ring.

“I want a body on my record, I want one.” Wilder stated.

“That’s the Bronze Bomber, he want [a body].” Wilder later continued. “I always tell people, when I’m in the ring, like I am the Bronze Bomber. With him, it’s so crazy, when I’m in the Bronze Bomber, I don’t really care.

“Everything about me changes. I don’t get nervous, I don’t get scared, I don’t get butterflies, I don’t have no feeling towards the man I’m fit to fight.

“I come here for one thing – to knock you out and go back home. The power that I have, it’s easy to be able to do. I thought I had one time with [Artur] Szpilka because he wasn’t breathing when he hit the canvas. Somebody is going to go.”

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