Here’s The Latest Update On The UFC’s Toughest Little Fighter

Former UFC flyweight title challenger Ray Borg is now dealing with a stress that no parent wishes to bear. The mixed martial artist’s newborn baby has suffered two brain surgeries. Now Borg has come forward with a statement concerning his child’s well being.

Borg’s newborn child has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. The condition causes cerebrospinal fluid to build up within the brain.

The condition can cause newborn children’s heads to enlarge. Consequently, Borg’s baby has now undergone two brain surgeries to combat the condition.

Borg has now come forward to reveal that the child is now breathing through a respirator, has undergone a blood transfusion and has been hooked up to an EEG machine. Check out Borg’s full statement on the matter within the social media post below:

Ray Borg is set to face off against Brandon Moreno at UFC Fight Night 129. However, reports are now claiming that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is looking for a replacement for Ray Borg, following the fighter’s recent medical issues concerning his newborn child.

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