Jon Jones’ Former Roommate Says He Was A Steroid Head In College

UFC welterweight Colby Covington has come forward with a heated statement concerning former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Having been a roommate with Jones, Covington has offered a brief story from his time with the fighter.

Jon Jones has suffered a controversial career through the years. The fighter has faced multiple run ins with the law, failed multiple drug tests and has had his UFC title stripped a record setting total of three times.

Jones is now awaiting USADA’s decision concerning a failed drug test from UFC 214. The fighter has already had his license to compete revoked by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), as well as received a hefty $205,000 fine for the drug test failure.

Speaking on the MMA Roasted podcast, Colby Covington has now come forward to claim that Jones’ alleged steroid abuse lead to the end of their friendship during their time as roommates in college.

“We used to be like really good friends, best friends.” Covington said. “We wouldn’t leave each other’s side, but as soon as he started doing the steroids he started turning into a different person. He’d have roid’ rages.

“He’d come home and there would be a blanket not right in the house and he’d be like ‘Colby, what the f**k?’ Start roid’ raging out and just freaking the f**k out.” The fighter continued. “I’m like, ‘Dude, chill the f**k out.’ He was literally trying to back me into a corner with those demon f**king eyes, because that dude is literally Satan’s f**king little angel or Satan’s son.

“I just lost my respect for him. He turned into a completely different person and a fake piece of sh*t. He’s such a fake f**k.”

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