Jon Jones Surprisingly Sides With Rival D.C. In Ridiculing Of Alexander Gustafsson

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Alexander Gustafsson has been hard at taking some shots at reigning champion Daniel Cormier and former title holder Jon Jones as of late. Now the two mixed martial artists have decided to fire back.

Gustafsson recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where the fighter called out and criticized Cormier and “Bones” Jones. Grant it, both fighters have defeated Gustafsson in the past.

Taking to Twitter, Cormier decided to fire back.

“Alex, what exactly have you accomplished in your career? I’ve earned the right to retire on top. Your greatest accomplishment is two close losses. Congrats on the new contract, now go fight. It’s been two years. Enough with the social media.”

Now Jon Jones has decided to take the side of his heated rival. Check it out below:

“I don’t even like DC and I enjoyed this. Too funny Alex bring all your tough guy sh*t to the championship rounds next time”

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