Karate Blackbelt KO’s Himself During Televised Talent Show

Simon Cowell’s ‘Got Talent’ reality TV once took the world by storm. Well, Sri Lanka recently earned its own rendition of the famous show.

One contestant is making waves over the internet for attempting to smash a brick over his head. Sudarshana Deshappriya was doing a split on a raised platform when he attempted to break the brick with his head.

Failing to break the brick, the 32-year-old went crashing down into the set behind him. The martial artist was then raised back up with the help of his assistants.

Deshappriya was determined to finish his act, heading over to the front of the stage to smash a series of bricks with his elbows. One of the judges had seen enough and buzzed in to tell the contestant to halt his act.

Check it out within the video above.

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