Khabib Blasts Conor McGregor For Not Stepping Up In Tony’s Place

The UFC’s lightweight title picture just got more murky, than it already was.

The division’s true champion Conor McGregor has not defended the belt ever, going a record breaking 500 days without a single title defense.

But, the division was moving on with Tony Ferguson as the interim world champion.

Now, after what was an awful way to bring in the Easter Holiday, the UFC has announced that Tony Ferguson is out of this weekend’s UFC 223 main event against Khabib Nurmagomedov, cancelling what was supposed to be a fight for the undisputed world title.

As such, Max Holloway, the UFC’s featherweight champion, just skipped the line, and apparently both Khabib and Max will fight for Conor McGregor’s world title, that has yet to be stripped.

But, Nurmagomedov has just called McGregor to task, who just days ago implied he was staying ready incase one of this weekend’s headliners fell off.

This tweet though, must have been about something else, because, according to everyone, McGregor never made the call to defend his world title on short notice, which prompted the UFC to book Max.

Now, Khabib has put McGregor on blast for not backing up his own words.

Check it out: